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Project deliverables

A list of all deliverables and their due dates. Deliverables will be published here as soon as they get available.


Deliverable number
Deliverable name
Deliverable date
(project month)
D9.1 DIPLECS Website 3
D8.1 Learnable Visual Detectors
D4.1 Generalised sensor fusion and corresponding information representation 18
D5.1 Evolutionary inspired optical flowbased control and object detection 18
D6.1 Behaviour mining 24
D7.1 Prototype System for bootstrapping formalised strategies and associated logical representations 18
D7.2 In situ strategy induction system 24
D8.2 Detection of Structured and Symbolic Objects 24
D8.3 Demonstration of Visual Detectors 30
D4.2 Report on context adaptability 36
D5.2 Evasive manoeuvres and reflex like actions imposed by a learning system 36
D6.2 High level dynamic behaviour and concept refinement 36
D7.3 Complete system for communicating indicated driving actions in appropriate fashion 36
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